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Accepting business delegations during following exhibitions, managing B2B meetings, and following up their queries after exhibitions. It should be mentioned that for all guests, we have provided full board accommodation and local transfer.

1- Iran Oil Exhibition, April 2019

2. Iran Health Exhibition, June 2019

3. Iran Agrofood Exhibition, June 2019

4. Iran Elecomp, July 2019

5- Iran Confair, July 2019

6-Iran Pharma, Sep. 2019

7- Iran Nanotechnology Exhibition, Oct. 2019

8-Iran Electricity Exhibition, Oct. 2019

9- Iran Laboratory Exhibition, Dec. 2019

10- Iran Confair, Sep. 2020

Presence in foreign international events or exhibitions
Manexim as EMC (Export Management Company) presents in various events or Exhibitions. EMCs act as the export department and do all required activities such as ERA (Export Readiness Assessment), analyze the situation, establish communication and negotiation with effective links in the target countries, promotion and sell, and all export affairs, including customs/transportation, international payment, etc.

1- B2B Forum, Oct. 2017, Tbilisi

2- ARABLAB, March 2018, Dubai