Pharma Department

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The Pharma department of Manexim Co. was started in August 2018 before the IranPharma exhibition. IranPharma Exhibition is the most prestigious pharmaceutical industry exhibition in Iran, which is held every year at the end of September. At the same time as this exhibition was held, nearly 50 foreign businesspersons from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Tajikistan, Turkey, and Russia were invited to this exhibition and held numerous meetings with various companies in order to increase exports from Iran to those countries.

After the end of the exhibition, the process of medicine export to these countries was followed up and continues. in the first step, we started to export Osvix from Iran to Tajikistan with new Russian packaging and artwork that meets the needs of Tajikistan’s market, then we add other medicines to our basket to enter more powerfull.

Due to Manexim’s extensive relations with medicine manufacturing companies such as Actoverco, Osve, Loghman, Aburaihan, Zagros, Tehran Chemie, Caspian, Jaber Ebne Hayyan, Iran Daru, Darupakhsh and many other companies, it is possible to supply and export various types of drugs and supplements.

List of Export Products:

Some other services of this company include:

  • Obtaining an export license from the Food and Drug Organization
  • Assisting in medicine registration in the country of destination
  • Changing the artwork based on the needs of the destination country
  • Carrying out customs affairs and formalities
  • Consulting in the field of cargo transportation
  • Obtaining a certificate of origin
  • Facilitate payment, etc.

This company is ready to supply all the products you request from the Iranian market.  For more information contact us here.