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The activity in the electrical industry started in December 2012 at Moghan wire and cable factory, being in the technical department and then the sales department of this company allowed me to get to know this huge industry. In 2018, Manexim company, continuing its presence in the electricity industry became responsible for attracting and accepting foreign delegations for the electricity industry exhibition, and during the exhibition, more than 50 businessmen from Afghanistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Spain were invited to Iran and visited the products Iranians, which resulted in the export of wire and cable and machinery to the countries of the region in the same year.

Today, this company is proud to cooperate with a large number of companies in this field, such as Moghan Wire and Cable, Abhar, Sina, Mashhad, Radsim, Kaveh, Khayyam, AlumCable, etc., for the export of various electrical industry products such as wire and cable (High voltage, low voltage, …), switches and sockets, lamps, insulators, electrical panels, batteries, solar panels, etc. This company is ready to provide the needs of foreign customers with the best price and quality.

Some of our services:

  • Packaging changes considering the needs of the destination country
  • Carrying out customs affairs and formalities
  • Consulting in the field of cargo transportation
  • Obtaining a certificate of origin
  • Facilitate payment

To place an order and any other questions, you can contact us through WhatsApp with the number +98 935 37 35 100 or contact us through the form below.